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Speaking Engagements

Unleash Your Potential

About Sheba

Empowerment Visionary | Engaging Speaker | Unstoppable Change-Maker

Antonee "Sheba" Adeya, the powerhouse behind Sheba Consults LLC and SHeBA Women's Empowerment Group, lives her mission of empowering women through truth, love, and education. As a mentor and educator, Sheba is a sought-after speaker on various platforms worldwide, consistently spreading her inspirational message. This includes a notable guest appearance on Rock City FM Radio 101.9, where she shared her insights with her beloved second home of Nigeria. She spearheads charitable events and hosts the motivational "Sheba Talks". This multifaceted leader also expresses her ideals creatively. She started writing children's books with 'Heart of Gold' back in 2020. Then, she mixed things up by pairing her next book, 'Just Like God', with a catchy soundtrack you can listen to here. She didn’t stop there, though. Her most recent work, 'The Bed I Choose,' is enhanced by an insightful Parent's Guide, available separately, demonstrating her commitment to promoting empowerment through diverse and accessible resources. Sheba is committed to imprinting a legacy of love and empowerment, focusing on the future generations, particularly her children, Adonai, Jubilee, and Joyce.

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From dynamic Leadership Development Programs to Inspiring Emerging Leaders Seminars, Personal Women's Empowerment Workshops, and Innovative Early Childhood Education Strategies, Sheba Consults LLC offers a rich array of services. We're committed to facilitating your journey towards powerful leadership, women empowerment, and enriched childhood education.

Leadership Development

Step into your full potential with our Leadership Development programs. Sheba brings her vast experience to help you cultivate your skills, enhance decision-making abilities, and effectively manage teams. Whether you are a seasoned leader or just starting, our tailored approach will elevate your leadership journey.

Emerging Leaders

Our Emerging Leaders seminars are designed for those ready to step up. Sheba shares her insights and strategies to navigate leadership roles, making the transition smoother. Embark on your leadership journey with the confidence and skills to make a real impact.

Empowering Women

Sheba's Women's Empowerment Workshops aim to inspire, motivate, and elevate women. With a focus on identity, resilience, and realizing personal strength in God, these workshops provide tools to conquer personal and professional challenges. Embrace your power and transform your life with Sheba.

Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education Strategies offered at Sheba Consults LLC are innovative and child-centric. Sheba applies her understanding of childhood development to empower professionals in the field. Enhance your teaching methods and create an enriched learning environment with our strategies.


Sheila M. - Empowering Women in Real Estate

Sheba is an amazing, intelligent and a down to earth professional. I've serked out her expertise on several projects within my company and the results were above my expectations. Sheba's ability to listen and create content for a specific audience while teaching the essence of leadership, gratitude and appreciation is a constant reminder of all the hard work she puts into all that she does.

Thank you!!

Debbie L. - Host of "Honoring Our She Roes"

Love Sheba and her business! She was punctual, Professional, and inspiring.

The Bed I Choose

A Heartwarming Journey of Growth and Parental Bonds

"The Bed I Choose" is a beautifully illustrated children's book that encapsulates the bittersweet moments of growing up and parenting. Authored by Sheba Adeya, this touching narrative will resonate with families experiencing the transition of children starting to sleep independently. The accompanying parent's guide offers reassurance, fostering an understanding that cherishing these fleeting moments of childhood is a gift. Engaging for early learners and affirming for parents, "The Bed I Choose" is a must-have addition to every family's bookshelf.

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